January 2017

Backpacking in Cuba: Myths and reality

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  Cuba is not like any other country in the world. The many years of communism and its dramatic history have made it quite unique. I have been to Cuba many times now, getting to know its people and their way of living, and I still get puzzled at the many complexities and contrasts, which [...]

December 2016

The day my boyfriend left me at the airport and how it changed my life

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I am finally in Russia, after all the hoops I had to jump through to get a visa. The immigration officer seems taken from a cold war movie. He asks me some short, direct questions with a harsh voice tone, looks at me in the eye and stamps my passport. Welcome to St. Petersburg. [...]

November 2016

Top 6 ways to get to Machu Picchu

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You’ve been dreaming about the day in which you will (finally!) get to experience Machu Picchu by yourself and take some really cool pictures in the famous Inca city. You’ve probably heard about the Inca trail, but the truth is, Cusco is full of trails that once were a part of the Royal Road System [...]

October 2016

The ultimate trek adventure: Choquequirao to Machu Picchu

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Are you planning to do the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu? Before you decide yourself, let me tell you, that it is not the only Inca Trail to the famous Inca city. A little known but legendary adventure is the Choquequirao to Macchu Pichu trail. You will cross deep valleys, hike above 4000 m, cross [...]