Peruvian music and dance


Huayno is a music genre that expresses the joy, culture, and tradition of the Andean people. It has pre-Columbian origins, and was a very popular during the Inca empire. It is danced in couples and in groups, and usually shows the courtship between men and women. Nowadays, the adaptations and changes have made it somehow different from its traditional form.

Huayno is still rather popular in Peruvian parties and celebrations, especially in the Andes. If you’re in Peru, I highly recommend you to join an Andean celebration, jump along with the dancers and have fun!

Marinera norteña

The marinera is a couple’s dance original from the northern coast of Peru. It represents the courtship and romance between man and woman. It uses handkerchiefs as props that are gracefully waved while dancing. Marinera has its origins in Spanish, Arab, Gypsy and Andean rythms which blends in this stylized and elegant dance.

The city of Trujillo in northern Peru has been declared the capital of the marinera. Every January, a national contest is held in the city where dancers from all over the country compete for the 1st place.

This marinera choreography is performed by the Brisas del Titicaca dance company from Lima.