Do you have a passion for surf? Let me tell you that the Peruvian coastline is one of the best places in the world to hit amazing waves. Maybe you are surprised to know that surfing is very popular in the country of the llamas, but the truth is that Peruvians have a heritage of riding waves to get fish since pre-colonial times. Just take a look at the Totora horses rafts in Huanchaco, which are crafted and used today in the same way the Chimus did thousands of years ago.



Peru: the perfect surfing destination.



The whole littoral catches plenty of swell throughout the year, making it very attractive to surfers from all skill levels. In fact, Peru has a name in the worldwide surfing community, hosting international surfing competitions like the Champions of the Latin American Surf Association.


Interested? Here are the top surfing spots in Peru, from north to south:



The surfing paradise of Mancora

Embraced by the sun the whole year, Mancora is well known between surfers and beach-lovers. The beautiful, white-sanded beach resembles a tropical paradise in Northern Peru. It’s the perfect place to surf, chill, and party… not strange the little town has become so popular among young Peruvians.


How to get there:

Take a plane to Piura or Tumbes, and then a local mini-van to Mancora, or take an intercity bus directly to Mancora.


Surfing in Mancora.



Get wild in Lobitos

Lobitos is another beautiful beach with world-class waves that will get you wild. Located only one hour south from Mancora, Lobitos is a top surf destination in northern Peru with speedy waves that can reach until 2 m high!


Beautiful wave in Lobitos.


How to get there:

To access it, drive to the km 1102 of the North Pan-American Highway and take a detour to Lobitos.



Surf like a pro in Cabo Blanco

Mostly known for its fishing (you can catch a trophy fish here!), Cabo Blanco is a little town that has become one of the surf meccas of the country. Ideal for experienced surfers, here you can hit one of the best waves in the world!



How to get there:

The nearest airport is Talara in Piura. From there, take a bus or car until the Northern Pan-American Highway on the 1137 km.



Surf your dream wave in Pacasmayo

If you’re looking to catch some of the longest and best waves in Peru, then Pacasmayo will suit your surfing dreams perfectly! The waves here are recognized both for their size, speed, and length. What else can a surfer want?


Yes baby!


How to get there:

Take a plane to the cities or Trujillo or Chiclayo, and then a local bus to Pacasmayo, or drive to the 663 km of the Northern Pan-American Highway.


Chicama’s legendary wave

Hold on to your seats: in Chicama, you can hit the longest wave on earth! Yes, you read it right, one single wave can keep you busy maneuvering on the barrels and walls for more than 2 km or approximately 2 hours on a single wave. It is a natural hidden wonder that could easily become an international top surf destination if more people knew about it.


The longest waves in the world!

How to get there:

Flights to the city of Trujillo. By bus until the km 614 of the Northern Pan-American Highway.


Enjoy life in Huanchaco

Huanchaco holds a cool, relaxed, almost hippie vibe that attracts both Peruvians and foreigners alike. The waves are long and speedy that you will not want to get on shore, but when you do (because you got hungry) you will taste one of the best ceviches in Peru.


Peruvian fisherman and surfers in their natural element.

How to get there:

Take a plane or a bus to Trujillo, and then a taxi or a local bus to Huanchaco.



These rafts are the proof Peruvians have been “surfing” since hundreds of years.


La Herradura: Lima’s surf gem

If you come to Peru, you will most probably land on its capital Lima. Why not take the chance to surf in one of its most famous beaches? La Herradura, at the end of the beach circuit in Chorrillos, has some classic waves you will love.


Lima is the surfing capital of Peru.


How to get there:

From Lima, any transportation that takes you along the beach circuit. Get off at La Herradura, which is at the end of it.



Impressive waves in Pico Alto

If you’re into big wave riding, then Pico Alto is your place, a beach that can serve you powerful, dangerous waves up to 10 m high. These monstrous waves break 1 km inside the ocean. Fairly long and tubular, these waves give the experienced surfer a legendary ride!






How to get there:

Take a bus from Lima or drive yourself to the 35 km of the Southern Pan-American Highway. Take the turnoff to the right to Punta Hermosa town. You can reach Pico Alto rowing from Señoritas or Playa Norte beach.



Take a challenge in Chilca

Do you want an adrenaline kick? Then come and take a challenge on Chilca’s powerful and big waves that can rise when you least expect it. Chilca has become increasingly popular in the surfing community the last years since it is the scenario of both national and international competitions.


Chilca’s challenging waves.

How to get there:

Head south from Lima on a bus or a car until you reach the 64 km of the Southern Pan-American Highway.



Surf with sea lions in San Gallan

Get a unique eco-experience surfing amidst hundreds of sea lions in the beautiful island of San Gallan. Located in the Paracas reserve in Ica, the place holds a rich wildlife. This is the only spot in Peru where right-running tubular waves break to the west.


Sea lions in San Gallan – Paracas

How to get there:

First, get to Paracas by bus, and then take an hour and a half boat ride from the peninsula.


So there you have it, Peru is way more than Machu Picchu and the Andes mountains. It is in fact ideal for adventure travel and sports and it is the perfect surf destination, with plenty of choice and waves for the beginner to the most experienced surfer.


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