I have spent the night in a tent under some palm trees facing the sea. I wake up to the sound of the waves crushing melodically into the rocks. It is early morning, and the white herons have already started playing on the shore. Seagulls are flying around following the fishermen that come back from with the work of the day. This is Pacasmayo, a beach that very few know about, and precisely because of that, it has kept its charm and uniqueness untouched.



Elegant white heron in Pacasmayo.


The waves roll on and on, as I make myself ready to eat fresh baked bread and newly brewed coffee from a nearby bakery. I enjoy the perfect view this morning: the openness of the ocean, the light blue sky and the sight of lined up seagulls standing on the edge of the pier.




As minutes passes, my strong coffee wakes me up, and I make myself ready to explore my surroundings. I have to confess that I enjoy being on my own in such a beautiful place, but I have to wonder why aren’t more people aware of this precious spot in Peru? I confirm once again that Peru has a wide variety of places with untapped beauty ready to be discovered by those who dare the adventure.




The promenade or “Malecon” as we call it in Spanish, is well kept with cute small benches and roundabouts. Souvenir and ice cream sellers hang out along the laid-back attitude. This little town is mostly known for its concrete factory “Cementos Pacasmayo” which is the first you see when driving into town. However, there is another face to it, the relaxed yet lively vibe of the place, the lovely cafes, and the nineteenth-century buildings make Pacasmayo a hidden little pearl in Northern Peru.



Nineteenth-century houses give this little town a romantic, almost nostalgic vibe.



Near the lighthouse “El Faro“ dedicated surfers show off their skills in dream-like, nearly perfect waves. They usually drop in during the months from January to August. However, the everlasting warm weather makes this little town a great place to practice surfing and windsurfing any time of the year.




Surf and windsurf are popular in Pacasmayo.



Then I go to “El Mirador“ to get a great view of the area. The typical stone and sandy beach of Pacasmayo has been scenery of one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen. This lovely little town has a way of charming you into enjoying the small things in life.


el mirador

You get a great view from here.


Locals are very friendly and helpful, and it was safe for me to camp on the beach. There are some good hotels and hostels around as well, with my favorite being Pacasmayo backpackers hostel. Not only they serve delicious food, but also the attention is excellent. They make you feel very comfortable, almost like being at home.


My visit to Pacasmayo has been a very positive surprise, and it has become my new favorite place to chill, away from tourist crowds and over-priced beach resorts.


sunset pacasmayo

One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in my life.


Life is good in Pacasmayo 🙂



Pacasmayo is located in Northern Peru, between the cities of Trujillo and Chiclayo.

How to get there

By bus from Lima or by plane to Trujillo or Chiclayo and then a local bus to Pacasmayo.

Where to stay

There are many hotels with various prices, with the most expensive ones being on the promenade. My top choice is Pacasmayo Backpackers hostel, because of the friendliness of their staff. They have single and double rooms with bathroom for a budget friendly price and also dorms with shared bathrooms and kitchen.

What to eat

Seafood is fresh and well prepared. Don’t forget to try ceviche here, which has a delicious garlic taste typical of the region.


Most of the hotels and hostels offer free Wi-Fi, and you can find it also in some restaurants and cafes.


Have you been to Pacasmayo? Which beaches in Peru have you been to?