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Welcome to my online art gallery. My art is a fusion between expressionism and surrealism. I express my inner world and impressions through abstract painting and the use of symbols. The places I’ve lived in, as well as the people and cultures I’ve met throughout my life journey, have impregnated my art with their colors and motives. From the Northern lights of Norway to Machu Picchu in Peru to the hot Caribbean rhythms, my paintings show a palette of different life experiences.

Painting for me is a process of exploring, of discovering images that take shape on the material I am working on. When I start an artwork, I have no clue what I am going to paint. It all starts with a color and a brush stroke, and it slowly – or rapidly – develops into an image, an idea, a feeling my inner self is projecting on the canvas. My art is very subjective but also very real, and sometimes naive. The techniques and materials, the motives on my pictures may vary from each other, but the essence is the same.

Acrylic painting of Machu Picchu by Sara Maria Vivanco

“The Lost City”

Acrylics on paper

50 x 50 cm

This is one of my first paintings when I was at art school in Oslo. My art teacher used to say that when we pain we disclose ourselves. I really missed Peru at that time. Without consciously knowing, the colors and the shapes started to transform in Machu Picchu, a very special place for me, which I was looking from far away, through an imaginary window.

Acrylic painting of Norwegian mountains and the northern lights by Sara Maria Vivanco

“Aurora Borealis”

Acrylics on canvas

110 x 80 cm

Norway has been an important part of my life experience. This is a tribute to my beloved Norway, its high mountains, its white winters and most of all, the most magical light one can see in its sky: the Northern Lights. The piece is currently being exhibited in Cienfuegos – Cuba.

Expressionist painting of a moon by Sara Maria Vivanco


Acrylics on paper

30 x 42 cm

The moon has always been a symbol of femininity. It has fascinated humanity from the beginning of times, both artists, scientists, and people in general. Its shiny, silvery surface on the dark sky has always been a source of inspiration for me. I used is painting knives for this piece which is currently being exhibited in Cienfuegos – Cuba.

Abstract painting of a girl sitting inside a flower by Sara Maria Vivanco

“Inner world”

Acrylics on paper

30 x 42 cm

This artwork was based on a  drawing I did during meditation. It depicts those periods of our lives when we stop to reflect, to look back, to rest and recharge. The girl sitting inside a flower represents growth and hope despite the loneliness one can feel at times. Life is always moving us forward in one way or another. This piece which is currently being exhibited in Cienfuegos – Cuba.

Abstract painting of a hummingbird and a flower by Sara Maria Vivanco


Acrylics on canvas

30 x 40 cm

In 2016 I went back to my Peru, and spend my first months in the so-called “City of the neverending spring”: Trujillo. Often, when I stepped out the door of my apartment building I saw a tiny hummingbird playing around the flowers. It made my day every time I saw it.

Abstract painting of a woman by Sara Maria Vivanco


Acrylics on paper

30 x 42 cm

This is a reinterpretation of Eve, the first woman according to Genesis. She is strong, beautiful, natural, wild. She is proud of her femininity, of her body, and she is one with nature. The apple is no more than a red brush stroke on the whole picture. This picture represents self-empowerment. The piece is currently being exhibited in Cienfuegos – Cuba.

Abstract painting of the sea buttom by Sara Maria Vivanco


Oil pastels on paper

30 x 42 cm

Yemaya is the Yoruba’s sea Goddess. Her name means “Fish mother” and she represents femininity, fertility and the ebb and flow of life. I painted this during one of my visits to Cuba, where the Yoruba tradition is still very strong.

Acrylic painting of lovers by Sara Maria Vivanco


Acrylics on canvas

60 x 40 cm

Love can be painful with the wrong person, but it can be healing with the right one. These lovers are vulnerable, naked, holding each other tightly, not wanting to let go. The face of the man shows hurt while the hair of the woman is alive and enfolding both of them. The feelings are strong but so is the tenderness and care for each other. Such love can heal the deepest wounds. I painted this one while being single, dreaming on a loving relationship.

Abstract painting of a backpacker by Sara Maria Vivanco

“The backpacker”

Acrylics on paper

30 x 42 cm

On this painting, I have portrayed a backpacker photographing nature. It depicts the current period of my life, traveling in the Peruvian Amazon, taking pictures of nature, and making this blog. This painting is currently being displayed in Cuba.

Abstract painting of warriors by Sara Maria Vivanco


Acrylics on paper

30 x 42 cm

This painting symbolized the fight for one’s values and ideals. I painted it in Cuba, a nation I have learned to admire due to its timeline of fighting for their beliefs. Even in the hardest of circumstances, these people are very protective of their country and proud of their heritage.  This work is being exhibited in Cienfuegos – Cuba.

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