Cuba is a colorful country. Like a painting, its strong contrasts makes this little island a unique place in the world. The contradictions of fairness and equality against its tough history and present make Cuba a living puzzle. Like a true piece of art: some love it and some hate it, but no one remains indifferent to it.

Come with me and discover the real Cuba, its colors, its rhythms, its glory and its misery, but above all, its wonderful people.


Come with me to Cienfuegos and meet three talented Cuban artists at work. On this interview for they tell us about their art and inspiration. Audio in Spanish – English subtitles.

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  • Image of Cuban Artist Edgar Era painting at his workshop in Cienfuegos.

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I met this guy the night before and he tried to charm me by singing me a song. The chorus goes “bésame Sarita, bésame la carita” (Kiss me little Sara, kiss me on the lips) Watch what happens on minute 3:00 😀 😀 😀